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    Ohh Peggy.


    Made me laugh!

    So funny!

    Peggy had many Valetine cards while Viola only had one. Peggy is a whore


    so true

    True that!

    beer Sherrie Marchand

    Can't stop laughing!!!

    I think I might've laughed a little too hard at this..

    I laughed a little too hard at this

    Laughing too hard right now!!

    Ohh that is awesome

    I laughed so hard...

    I am laughing way too hard at this

    I just died laughing...

    Laughing way too hard at this...

    LOOK HOW MUCH FUN WE ARE HAVING HA HA HA WE LOVE OUR FUNNY SALAD SO FUCKING MUCH HA HA HA...... I can not decide which is my favorite. I think maybe the girl laughing and eating a salad in the woods by herself, she seems real stable.

    Mom Doesn’t Know What’s Going On More at:

    Apple Juice Happiness Not racism, just an apple juice hater. Hilarious, so funny!