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I love this little guys! after living a short 4 mo. in Australia I fell in-love with this creatures. They can be ferocious.

Golden monkey :: by floridapfe [via Flickr] :: Pogok-Eup, Yongin-Si, Kyeongki-Do, Coréia do Sul.

Pangolin. See Over 2500 more animal pictures on my Facebook "Animals Are Awesome" page. animals wildlife pictures nature fish birds photography

The numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus), also known as the banded anteater, marsupial anteater, or walpurti, is a marsupial found in Western Australia. Its diet consists almost exclusively of termites. Once widespread across southern Australia, its range is now restricted to several small colonies, and it is listed as an endangered species.

Master Yoda Me sleepy am - by enggul, via Flickr