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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 91 Pics

I think that phone has some relation to Captain America.

Close enough. But yeah I do hope they do one with Natasha bein all badass with Barton being the vulnerable one. It would be very fitting for a number of reasons.

Lisa, I don't think it's comprehensible how badly I want this to happen the next time we are both in town

Chris Evans IS Captain America. Proof that the nerdiest movies are made by nerds.

Good Lord that's the perfect description of Steve Rogers. Oh my poor heart can't handle this.

I sincerely dislike the word and the act of "selfies" but I so love this....

Right away, great captain!

Because sometimes even superheroes fall and can't get up. Especially ones that are 93 years old.

No! Captain America do not emulate Captain Hammer! He is a bad role model!