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Just what I was looking for. I about died after watching the first episode of Merlin and seeing "Giles" again.

Because all these big guys have big hearts. ♥ I love them all ♥ "We would ride into the mouth of hell for you." ~Sir Leon...yes another quote I know off the top of my head...

I like how a lot of posts about other fandoms aren't re-pinned as much because they can pick and choose what to re-pin, but Merlin fans have to re-pin everything just so people still know we're here.

"You're saying I look like a toad?" "maybe one day you'll magically transform into a handsome prince. just...magic's outlawed and that will probably never happen."

It was such a shiver down the spine moment when the prologue changed from boy to man - Merlin

probably...gah, I'm going to miss this show. Never quite lived up to its potential, but still, the characters and interactions were all worth it.

This is not okay...this is not. Except for Freya...sorry Merlin fans...I really hate that character.

Most of the time, when a character is blonde-haired, blue-eyed and muscular, I write them off immediately. There are four exceptions to this rule: Captain Kirk, Thor, Lestat, and our resident clotpole, Arthur. Yeah, I'd follow him.

Hahaha, laughed so hard at this part. I was totally convinced Merlin had a crush on Gwen,

No. He's referring to the fact you wear the same clothes EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE.

Adorable... and Richard hovering there in the background is hilarious for some reason. #merlin