I love this great new resource from Thriving Family -- 52 devotionals to use throughout the year that focus on the fruit of the Spirit. Spending time with your family each week doing these short devotionals can strengthen your faith and help you teach foundational truths to your children.

10 ways to encourage a teen- whether in your neighborhood, family, community or church

3 Psalms to Use for Bedtime Prayers Psalms fill our children's minds with God's truths as they drift off to sleep.

What do you do, when most teens raised in a Christian home are not continuing in faith, as adults?

We can lead our families into a deeper faith right in the middle of everyday life. Here are some amazing family resources to help you in your journey.

It can be a challenge to get kids motivated to help out around the house, but getting kids to do their chores not only makes family life run smoother, it is essential to their own development and self-esteem! Don't miss these four simple steps you can take right now to create a chore chart that works. This in-depth post even includes four different types of printable chore charts, plus a helpful list of age-appropriate chores!

How do you prepare your girl to become a lovely young woman? To teach her about truth and beauty? Here's how to help her grow into beautiful womanhood! 24 Ways to Prepare Your Young Girl to Become a Lovely Young Woman ~ Club31Women

How to Talk About God With Your Kids-- 10 Simple Conversation Starters

You Say... God Says.... #inspirations #bible #verses

names of Jesus

14 tips for Helping Children Strengthen Emotional Intelligence

Living a life of faith is a grand adventure. Here are 10 books to inspire our boys to embrace the adventure of following after God!

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free chore stick printables.

Internet Safety for Kids and Teens. This is a quick cheat sheet for non-techie parents who care about keeping their kids safer online. It takes about 30 - 45 minutes to make these simple changes! www.internetsafetycheatsheet.com #youtube #google #iphone

52 Free Biblical Lessons. Saving for future family devotional times

The Fruit of the Spirit Toddler Curriculum

Prayer Sticks: popsicle stick with picture of family member or friend. Each day have child draw a name and you both pray for that person. Fabulous way to teach importance of prayer for others and not just your own wants!!

"5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter" Bible Study.