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Monkey = SnapRetail Cat = Independent Retailers Monday is a good day to say we couldn't have done it without you!

Bunny and duckling - Photos - Animal Odd Couples

This wild monkey, a long tailed macaque, has adopted an abandoned ginger kitten and cared for it as his own. In Bali, the wild monkey protectively nuzzles and grooms the kitten, who has no qualms about getting all this attention.

21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

The Baby and the Swing | Why It Matters: Because when all is said and done on the other side of an infinite expanse of time, if even one of those moments was a cat sitting with a baby in a swing, there is a chance that everything is going to be all right.

Momma loves you, little one! It is awful to think of the horrible animal testing going on in the world and especially in the US. We need to band together and make sure it stops...this baby and mom need each other..

Just For Gags Collections: So me and my friend Call Me Bhuado decided to play Army Of Two : The Devil's Cartel and you get to see the funny outcome! This is our first attempt in a dual commentary and we used xbox live party chat,that's why the audio might

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Bobcat and fawn become best friends…

Bobcat and fawn found each other during forest fire and have been together like this ever since... I cant handle how cute this is: Adorable Baby Animals Cuteness, Animal Friendship, Cute Animal, Cute Baby Animals, Animals And Pets, Cutest Animal, Adorable