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Love the bow tie. Perfect for Red, White, and Blue dinner. The red is too red though to be true Nantucket reds.

#TipsImagen ¿Aburrido del negro? El negro es fácil de combinar y un color con el que la gente se siente segura. Te sugerimos agregar a tu guardarropa piezas de color para crear un estilismo propio. ¿Qué tal esta propuesta?

Might be a bit bold for me to wear, but this really is a fun use of color! Tangerine blazer, blue gingham shirt, yellow pants, and a rainbow of a pocket square. This outfit just explodes with spring color!

treviorum: “ WAYW Jacket: Isaia Napoli, shirt: Liverano & LIverano, tie…

Navy sport coat, white shirt with blue dress stripes, burgundy knit tie, khakis.maybe a bit too preppy school boy

this is the look we gave for goods. he is the kind of character that's self centered and has everything but he's a jerk.

Man candy: 12 hot grooms being totally adorable at their wedding

Adam Gallagher - Teal is a really cool suit color, even cooler when you match it with a midnight blue velvet bow tie. We dare you.