Halloween games for kids - pin the boo on the ghost

Halloween Games for Kids

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Kids Halloween party activities & craft projects - Kleenex, black marker, black yarn over tootsie pop or dum dum.

halloween bingo

Free Printable Halloween BINGO

Very nice looking and free Halloween bingo game. Thank you artsy-fartsy mama: Halloween BINGO {Free Printable}

Halloween crafts w/the kids

Dye Yarn With Kool Aid In Microwave Easily

Looking for easy Halloween crafts using your child's handprints or footprints? Find out how to create over 10 different art ideas and several fun craft projects to make with your kids.

halloween toddler

7 Toddler Approved Halloween Crafts

See Jamie Teach Homeschool: 7 Toddler Approved Halloween Crafts- Tay and I will have a fun week :)

MADE IT!  The kids had a way fun time   making this with their cousins at a Halloween party we put together.  They cut   them out afterward and taped them on the fridge.  They were not contenet to   leave the top of the candy corn without paper though, and ripped up some of the   white paper around the edges of the candy corn to use for that top   section.

4 Halloween Candy Recipes You Can Make At Home Simple candy corn craft with construction paper or tissue paper.

Halloween Crafts-masking tape mummy

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Masking tape mummy craft for kids to make at Halloween. Made from materials you probably already have - construction paper or card stock, masking tape, scissors, glue and googly eyes.