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    Green house with lumber and old windows.

    Repurposed Pallets: DIY greenhouse I have a door I could use for the top.

    Home crafted herb garden

    Grow your own ginger roots from store-bought produce with these simple tips.


    How To Build a Rain Water Barrel?

    Awesome little greenhouse by gabriel ash // Great Gardens & Ideas ♥ this //

    the ultimate hillside raised bed garden!

    window garden diy planter

    Cedar Cold Frame

    13 Attractive Ways To Add Privacy To Your Yard & Deck (With lots of pictures and resources)

    DIY Greenhouse

    Lay down a thick layer of CARDBOARD in your raised garden beds to kill the grass. It is perfectly safe to use and will fully decompose, but not before killing any grass below it. They’ll also provide compost and food for worms.

    Nice and inexpensive!

    Cold frame

    Cold Frames from old windows

    Tips for growing squash, Place the seeds AROUND the pot. When you water, you water inthe pot so the water comes out of the drain holes around the bottom for deep root watering.

    Rid your garden of aphids by spraying your plants with a solution of vinegar and water. 1 cup vinegar to a gallon of water. Vinegar is a natural pesticide so you can get rid of many critters by using a solution mixed with water.

    How to make new rose, lavender, and rosemary plants from cuttings & mini-greenhouses. Some plants, like willow, make their own rooting hormones. If you soak willow branch cuttings in water, that infusion encourages rooting as much as expensive root hormone powder does.

    Recycled Rubber Edge Border. Even If You Could Lay Bark Mulch In Perfect Circles Or Borders, It Would Soon Look Ragged Or Need Replenshing. These Mulch Mats Always Look Crisp, Because They Can't Be Scattered. Use Around Raised Beds, Walkways Or Foundation Plantings Mow Right Over It!

    Stacked Worm Composting for Under $15 » Pittsburgh Permaculture