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Solomon's Knot ~ crochet video tutorial. This stitch would make a beautiful scarf. #crochetstitches

This lady is AWESOME!!! I can totally do this stitch now!!!!! :) Celtic Love Knot AKA Solomon Knot AKA Lovers' Knot crochet tutorial

pretty freakin cool ~~ hand crochet, for that chunky bedspread you want to make. - oh, here's how!l

step by step how to crochet - I know all this. but she breaks it down so well I thought I'd pin for when I try to teach people!.

60 or so chain stitches (depends on your desired length) Double crochet back onto the chain Repeat for a total of five rows of double croche...

crochet leaves, i made this and it's simple, i continued without cutting the yarn and made another leaf just before turning back i made: ch 2 sc to the second ch from hook and then continued. now i have a longleaf chain...

Knitcidentsfrom Knitcidents

Chain Maille Scarf – Free Crocheting Pattern

#crochet scarf using just chain and slip stitches! YAY !!! just what I was looking for!

This amazing crochet shawlette is crocheted in one piece!! No need to assemble the motifs or to weave in any yarn!! - FULL PATTERN (written and charted)

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How to Create Crocheted Ribbing

Learn how to join crochet ribbing to your project. How to Create Crocheted Ribbing - Crochet Me Blog - Blogs - Crochet Me