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#Australian Shepherds among the 25 Longest-Living Dogs ... My first dogs were two named Pat & Mike after my parents' fav. Movie #PatAndMike, a #Tracy and #Hepburn classic


Lace socks.

Forgot about the moose on "Captain Kangaroo" (via 1970s)

Solarcaine - 1969 - would take the sting out of a sunburn

The Poky Little Puppy

magnolia tree

The White Magnolia Tree Poem

Versace Models, Peter Lindbergh, 1991. Via FD Gallery, ... One of my fab fashion photos ever .... All top first-wave "Supermodels" ...

Julie Brown:Will I Make It Through The Eighties?

The '80s: The Decade That Made Us Episode Guide | National Geographic Channel

Hollywood Sign; every time we drove past, I had to spell it out ...

Alpha Beta's logo...'Tell a friend'. They were bought out by Lucky's who was later bought out by Albertsons.

vintage 70s Raggedy Ann doll

Trouble (with the Pop-o-matic bubble)

Lite Brite

Perfection - I can hear it ticking

NOXZEMA-mom would use it on our sunburns. I can still smell it!

Tupperware cereal bowls

More pure sugary goodness from the 80s


Easy Bake Oven


It's a library card catalog - ahh, memories

World Book Encyclopedia