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Blessing In A Bottle...............12 oz. of White Vinegar, 12 oz. of Dawn Dish soap, 1 tsp. of Laundry Detergent also known as "kitchen Magic" This stuff will get through anything, make your sink and shower shine like new, and save you when just about nothing else works. The laundry detergent is optional-I add it simply to cover some of the vinegar smell!

from BuzzFeed

42 Seriously Useful Tips Every Clean Freak Needs To Know

42 Clever and Easy Cleaning Tips Every Perfectionist Needs To Know - here a Magic Eraser is used to clean a keyboard - via BuzzFeed

from One Good Thing by Jillee

Make Your Own Citrus Enzyme Cleaner

Make Your Own Citrus Enzyme Cleaner add to carpet cleaning machine or spot clean carpets with this Optional add ginger to this mixture & use in laundry etc

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20 Different Ways to Use Original Dawn Blue

Did you know Original Dawn Blue isn't just a dishwashing liquid? It can also be used to control dog fleas, clean soap scum in your bathroom, remove spots on your laundry, and make amazing bubbles. And that's just a few...and they cost much less than the store bought version.

Make Your Own ~ Pure & Mild Castile Soap ~ to then use as soap or in other recipes like laundry detergent! Adding essential oils for aromatherapy & medicinal benefits!

from Real Advice Gal

Homemade Liquid Handsoap - Madame Deals, Inc.

Make liquid hand soap in any scent you'd like. See the bottom of the article for instructions to turn the recipe into foaming hand soap too.