These are Christmas Ornaments From Days of our lives. I want to Make some similar to these and start a similar tradition with my family. Does anyone know how to make these? or a tutorial website?

Bo and hope from days of our lives

Alice and Tom Horton

Maggie Horton

"Alice" Ornament / Christmas Ornaments / Days of our Lives / #DAYS

Days of Our Lives Christmas Story & Horton Ornament Ceremonies

1975 TV Ad - Days of Our Lives - NBC Soap Opera - Will Julie Have Her Baby? (MacDonald Carey and Susan Seaforth Hayes)


...and so are the Days of Our Lives

Young and the Restless

Scott & Stiles

Teen Wolf Season 2 Scott McCall, Melissa McCall and Stiles Stilinski

Alice and Tom Horton on Days of Our Lives

Channing Tatum!

Days of Our Lives!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Days of Our Lives

Sons of Anarchy -

Chibs - Sons of Anarchy Spent the day in our dealership this summer! Signed autographes, took pics... He is AWESOME!

Tommy Flanagan - Chibs - Sons of Anarchy Yes...he is a sexy older man and his accent...oh lord help me!! Lol

Tom and Alice on Days of our Lives #DOOL