Over the fridge

Above Refrigerator Cabinets Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor

I always struggle with what to do with the cabinet above the refrigerator.

Why do we use a whole drawer for this, when OBVIOUSLY this is a far superior way of storage?

cabinet by the fridge

storage ideas for small spaces...idea for small closet in laundry room or broom closet in kitchen

hooks inside cabinets to hang pans, NOW WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS!!!!

Cabinet over Refrigerator--What goes in there?

Over the microwave/stove storage for pans! So much better than tha tdisaster under the stove!

Easy to access and saves space! Perfection!

Great colors in the glass cabinets!

9 Awesome Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Maximize Your Storage

Ingenious spice cabinet next to the fridge!!! from the nato's: kitchen renovation before and after

Dividers in the deep space above the oven or refrigerator are an efficient way to storage your platters, cookie sheets, cutting boards, bakeware, etc. Add shelves above the dividers to maximize storage in taller cabinets.

I LOVE this pull out storage space! It makes it so much easier to look for things you need, especially when you have something on the stove that you need to watch!

Use pan organizers both horizontally and vertically to maximize storage space in your kitchen cabinets. #organize #pots #pans

Fall Haven craftsman kitchen - updated tray storage

Could we add this?

Cookie Sheet storage

Coffee Cabinet. Love this idea.

built in pantry (nice cabinetry)