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Alright, I can't help myself...this is way too funny even though I'm not the biggest fan of cats.

Hey, it's the Phantom of the Opera meets Cats!

Carrianne Fairbairn Bah haha, this is so Luca. I left my soup on the island to go walk Champ, I come back in and he's slurping away! Ahh...gotta love cats!

Lolcats: BAAAAH BAH BAH BAH BAH BAAAAHHHH. Invisible sinister church organ solo.

Lolcats cats and dogs are like oil and water at my house

Omg I laughed too hard at this...

This cat has seen things that no cat would ever wish to see...of course, with eye the size of this cat's, he's most likely correct!

Relax, clear your mind and let my magic paws take away all the stress. Haha kittens doing OMT!!!


This made me laugh so hard Channing Howard Howard Howard Howard Kent