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5 Ways to Make Running Feel Easier

by Jenny Sugar
Lacing up those sneaks the first few times can feel so hard. Your muscles ache, your lungs burn, it's hard to breathe, and all you can think about is stopping. Don't give up! Here are five techniques to incorporate every week to help running feel like a
  • Teresa

    For you beginners out there! -T

  • Carly White

    5 Ways to Make Running Feel Easier. This def helped me. Going to make a schedule.

  • Heather D'Agostino

    5 Ways to Make Running Feel Easier: In order for your body to become more accustomed to the demands running places on it, you have to run regularly. It's imperative to stick with a weekly running schedule that includes running at least 3 or 4 times a week. Ease into running regularly with shorter runs, and as it begins to feel easier, gradually increase the mileage per workout.

  • Jenna Muller

    Eep running buddies!

  • SD 15

    5 Ways to Make Running Feel Easier. (i dont run, but just in case one day i try it) Find more like this at

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