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Restful Repositories: 10 Charming Home Libraries

There's nothing quite like a wall of books; a home library represents hours of reading, years of collecting, and possibly decades of curating personal interests. With the rising popularity of e-readers, some might consider book collections and home libraries a dying element of the home, but we'd lik...

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If I'm ever going to have the house of my dreams, I need to start med school or something haha

Some may find this room too busy, I find it totally livable with a comfort that is very inviting

it's ordinal and old fashioned but really relaxable space, isn't it.

in a cozy holiday home by the sea where you've started to move lots of books to make room for the new ones in your house and now you just go there to read and think and be

Libraries to dream, think, read, contemplate, marvel, wonder, ponder, solve, nap, and drift off into the abyss.

I've always dreamed of having a real library (an entire room dedicated to books and reading). My books are spread throughout the home, some on shelves, the rest in precarious stacks on the floors. I'd love to have this library.

Home library. Leather spines are beautiful, but I prefer libraries of books that belong to readers.

I want a library in my house so bad. A place to just go and relax. Warm and cozy like this.