I am never very good at the whole make up thing. Maybe I should follow something like this.

perfect smoky eye

Neutral Metallic Eye.

smokey eye guideline.

Smolder on your night out in this iconic smokey look in vibrant eyeshadow shades. Get started with the makeup must-haves seen here.

eye makeup


frosted chocolate eyes

Pretty Holiday Makeup

Eye enlarging makeup tutorial - Head over to Pampadour.com for product suggestions to recreate this beauty look!

this would be so pretty, if only i had the talent to do that! they say it is a 6 step process but for me it would take me 18 times before i finally gave up.

7 Classic Beauty Looks for Valentine’s Day | Her Campus-love the brown smokey eye!


bridal makeup

Neutral with Mint Liner.

Naked Basics

natural smokey

Beauty and the Green: Decoding The Smoky Eye - Ultra Easy Tutorials

the "Adele" smoky eye.

smokey eyes makeup step-by-step

Eye Make-up