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I dreamed I had found cicadas on the floor at my parents' house and was trying to get them outside by trapping them in glass bowls -- then I realized that one of them was actually a luna moth emerging from a cocoon. I took it outside and it rested against my neck until it was ready to fly away.

luna moth...we had one of these right outside our front door a few years ago. They are so neat!

Actias luna, does not have mouth, it lives for about a week, with the singular purpose of mating

Luna Moth (actias luna). This moth is found in North America from east of the Great Plains in the United States to northern Mexico and from Manitoba eastward through central Quebec to Nova Scotia in Canada. It has a wingspan of up to 4.5 inches, making it one of the largest moths in North America.

Hanging Out to Dry by Bob Jensen, via 500px

Argema Mittrei male Madagascar Moon Moth comet moth long tail luna moth

Luna Moth ♥ - Angelo Nascosto

Spanish Moon Moth, native to Spain and France; ...they are huge - their wingspan can be 2.5 inches to almost 4 inches wide!; males have much longer 'tails'

Ava made friends with a moth just like this one the other day.

I froze one of these once for a bug collection for an entymology class I took. While pinning it to my board, it began to thaw and was still ALIVE! Yikes.

Goth Moth By: Igor Siwanowicz

Chinese Moon Moth // Actias ningpoana of Saturniidae, a sub-species of Actias selene.