Running records - use address labels, clipboard, and large index cards. Write your notes on the address labels as you walk around and observe. Later, stick them onto the child's index card. Quick and easy! Then, during parent/teacher conferences, just pull out the notecard and share your observations.

I have been looking for something like this!!! Good to share with parents at conference time.

Conferring notebook for the teacher : Easy way to see the whole class. Space for "next steps" or "small group" notes.

Easy and quick way to make fabric bulletin boards on your cinder block classroom walls!

I love giving the students a problem to solve or a "ticket out the door." Not only is it motivational and gets them working, it is a great way to assess learning in a quick way. I put a problem or question on the board, and the kiddos answer on a 3 x 3 sticky note.

Teacher Organization With Supply Labels - Free download

One of the best parent contact forms! You are right! I've already made one for myself and will be sharing it with my colleagues.

Colored craft sticks are labeled with the number of sides each shape has, ie: 3 purple sticks - triangle. The children will choose a color and build the matching colored shape from the sticks.

Sharing Kindergarten: First Week Back! So much good stuff

I've got to do this next year New Student Pack. Make 5 extra at the beginning of the year and include: the name tag, lunch number, birthday candle for our display, labels for folders, desk plates, spelling folders, take-home folders, notebooks, beginning of the year information notes, brochure about our classroom, etc.

The Fabulous First Grade: Parent Teacher Conferences Made Easy :)

We use lots of clipboards as a way of organizing 54 kids in one room!

Print your standards on mailing labels to peel and stick into your lesson planner. Good way to make sure you teach all standards!

First Week of School Activities- love!

Great video lesson on teaching children the difference between tattling and reporting. Graphics from

“Cheap” dry erase boards for the entire classroom. What a clever idea!

Conference notes

Running Record Calculator | A great time saver app for teachers to conduct running records. Check out the detailed features!

daily objectives idea

Ten reasons that we need the arts in school (washington post)

We all have them...a wiggly, distracted child in class. What to do about them? Read this guest post from Anne-Marie over at The Tutor House. She shares practical advice in this two part series.