Running records - use address labels, clipboard, and large index cards. Write your notes on the address labels as you walk around and observe. Later, stick them onto the child's index card. Quick and easy! Then, during parent/teacher conferences, just pull out the notecard and share your observations.

Each child's name is written on an index card that's attached to a clipboard. I make notes throughout the day concerning behavior that are later transferred to this clipboard for safe keeping.

Conferring notebook for the teacher : Easy way to see the whole class. Space for "next steps" or "small group" notes.

How to print on Post-it notes...Why did I never think of this!

Inexpensive ideas for using IKEA products in the classroom. Time to go shopping!

Post It Note rubrics - Love!

Teacher Organization With Supply Labels - Free download

What do you do if someone is bothering you? Use your WITS!

One of the best parent contact forms! You are right! I've already made one for myself and will be sharing it with my colleagues.

One Child Greeting Card

This graphic could be used to illustrate to kids why differentiated instruction is fair

Punch holes in the papers of students who are off-task during group work. Gives you a reminder when assigning participation grades later without having to stop and make a note of the issue.

Walk over and hand this to a child instead of yelling across the classroom. Plus you both know a warning has been given without debate.

I have been looking for something like this!!! Good to share with parents at conference time.

class list in a picture frame easy to mark and erase

I love giving the students a problem to solve or a "ticket out the door." Not only is it motivational and gets them working, it is a great way to assess learning in a quick way. I put a problem or question on the board, and the kiddos answer on a 3 x 3 sticky note.

This is a magnet for parents to put their child's work up on the fridge. The poem says: I made this special magnet on the very first day so that my first grade work will always be on display

Divide the inside of a file folder into boxes that are slightly larger than small sticky notes. Write students' names in the boxes in alphabetical order, one name per box. Whenever you want to make a note about a student's progress, jot the information on a sticky note and then place it in the appropriate box. Periodically move the sticky notes to students' assessment folders. You'll have valuable information at your fingertips when it's time to prepare report cards.

Craft sticks with magnet strips - great for creating groups of ten!

Bloom's Quick Cards FREEBIE

Classroom Management Idea~ Quick and easy-to-use!