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    "A small stone with a natural hole through it is thought to be lucky if found unexpectedly! or given to one. It must not be looked for, asked for, or bought." Edward Lovett, 'Magic in Modern London', p. 79

    Oooh, I want a magic gypsy box!

    The magic of Hagstones

    The Key Of Magic

    Moon: NOVEMBER ~ HUNTERS #MOON: Also known as the Fog Moon. Plan for a ritual to dispel negative thoughts and vibrations.

    Stones with natural holes, or holey stones are said to possess powerful protective energy. Worn or carried, it would ward off evil spirits and protect the wearer from harm. Stones were hung from bedposts to prevent nightmares. If a stone broke, it was thought to have used its power to protect a life. These powerful stones are also reputed to bestow the gift of psychic sight upon anyone looking through the hole in the stone.

    You can make your own Runes very easily, all you need is some stones, pebbles or wood, a permanent marker or paint, and some wood or stone varnish..Step 1. You need 25 Pebbles stones or blank wood pieces. preferable about the same size.Step 2. Draw or paint on each of them the 24 signs of the Runes and leave one blank.Step 3. If using stones use a stone based varnish to stop them becoming scuffed. If using wood use a wood varnish.Step 4. Let your Runes dry for at least 12 hours. That is it you h

    Bone carving... I might have just discovered a new hobby...

    Traditional amulets When I grew up, my mum used to say that stones with natural holes right through them were magical, that they made it possible for people to see the spirits in the world, and that they would give the owner good luck. I still keep most of the stones I find with holes in them.

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    A Warning Spell

    the spirit of stones...

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    ✯ Amulet -To protect wearer from poverty, comprising several coins bound together into a circle with five coins suspended beneath and two above.✯


    The Common Stone: Stones from ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, mountains, prairies, fields, and deserts. This is really interesting.

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