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    Photographer Jeffry Sabara :)

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    • Kerstin Tuskan

      The Tiger is in my top 10 favorite animals! I've learned a lot about DREAMS and OVERCOMING all fear through this beautiful creature! So it is with us! If we want to achieve our dreams we have to do the same.

    • Bradt Travel Guides

      Tiger: "Everyone's favourite animal? The biggest of the big cats, the tiger occupies an exclusive place in the human psyche. Today its irresistible blend of beauty, grace, power and mystery is used to sell everything from breakfast cereals to petrol. Yet, amazingly, this magnificent creature might be the first big cat we condemn to extinction." 100 Animals To See Before They Die

    • DianaDee Osborne Songs / Osborne "INK"

      Diving tiger - FANTASTIC ACTION SHOT! Unlike little kitty housecats, this striped wildcat doesn't mind swimming. RESEARCH DdO:) - - Unlike almost all other big cats, tigers are adept swimmers. They enjoy bathing & often play in water when young. Adults often swim several km to hunt or to cross rivers. One has been recorded to have swum almost 30 kilometers in a day - 18-1/2 miles!

    • ゚‘゚・   Ç ℒ ℄  ՞💕՞

      Tigers have eyes with round pupils, unlike pet cats that have slitted pupils, 'cos cats are nocturnal whereas tigers are crepuscular - hunting mainly in morning / evening, been known to imitate other animals' calls to attract prey !!, despite not being strongly adapted to dark, their night sight is about 6 times better than ours, they have colour vision, adept swimmers unlike almost all other big cats - enjoy bathing, play when young, as adults can swim several miles to hunt or cross rivers

    • Bud Dodds

      Tiger jumping into refreshing water | PicsVisit (10/7/2013) Wild Cats (CTS)

    • Elizabeth Ann

      #Tigers #Animals #Wildlife #Animals #Big #Cats

    • Nino Rodriguez

      Beautiful Tiger!!! My favorite animal <3

    • Rita Sterling

      Animal And Beautiful Nature - Google+

    • °•||Simply|•|Bri||•° .

      Diving Tiger! Such an amazing animal

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    Tigers (Bengals in particular) have been my favorite Animals since I was a very small child :) so beautiful! !

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