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    Male Painted Bunting

    Painted Bunting - Male [Passerina ciris]

    Pareja de pájaros cuidan su nido - acuarela. The Finch Family - watercolor print

    Painted Bunting

    “Japa of any mantra has a tremendous purifying influence on the mind. All the shaktis are in the Name of God. It makes the mind introspect, turns the mind inward and thins out vasanas (latent tendencies). Mantra fills the mind with sattva guna, peace, purity and strength.”- Mahavatar Babaji

    indigo blue bunting

    Eastern Meadowlark

    Tangara Chilensis - Awesome Colors !

    "Painted Bunting"

    "Tufted Titmouse in Spring" by Allison Trentelman

    Malaquita Kingfish


    Male Northern Flicker Woodpecker by Jason Paluck

    pygmy owl

    Bluebird Fountain Party

    Male yellow warbler

    bohemian-waxwing.jpg Also called cedar waxwing

    RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD Agelaiu phoeniceus Bird Spotting: The differences between the male and female red-winged blackbird are striking. While the plumage of the male is entirely black except for two bright red shoulder patches, the female is a dusty brown and heavily striped.

    Painted Bunting! Beautiful

    Mandarin Duck Male Preening, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore www.explosionluck...

    ☀Beautiful male Gouldian Finch