Male Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting - Male [Passerina ciris]

indigo blue bunting

bohemian-waxwing.jpg Also called cedar waxwing

"Painted Bunting"

Painted Bunting

“Japa of any mantra has a tremendous purifying influence on the mind. All the shaktis are in the Name of God. It makes the mind introspect, turns the mind inward and thins out vasanas (latent tendencies). Mantra fills the mind with sattva guna, peace, purity and strength.”- Mahavatar Babaji

Painted Bunting! Beautiful

Lazuli Bunting

Male Northern Flicker Woodpecker by Jason Paluck

Male yellow warbler

almost unbelievable.

by Ben Hall so pretty

Red-bellied Woodpecker, Male & Female Cardinal. Unusual for them to "get along" like this!


pink zinnia hummingbird | Jennifer Mac Neil Photography

Seven-colored Tanager


Painted Bunting

Together, we keep each other warm. #love #coasttocoast #beauty #skincare #cute #organic #natural #cuteanimals #birds #parrots

Bluebirds - female and male species...