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    Fibonacci Spiral


    The Fibonacci sequence in a cross section of cabbage

    The Golden Ratio

    Sea urchins

    Spiral Aloe ---- Just got our seeds in the mail :)

    Pine Cone Fibonacci Pattern

    Fibonacci Spiral

    Golden Mean Temporary Tattoo ... This is an amazing Ratio 1:1.618... that describes the perfect balance and this can be found in, Nature, Beautiful Art ... It is amazing Math that I had no idea it existed. Wow wow wow I am so blessed to be stressed! It works like a charm. iamsoblessedtobes...


    by dennis wojtkiewicz

    The Fibonacci Sequence

    The patterns in this sea shell are unlike anything I've ever seen. Ever.

    Succulent Plant

    Fractal Spiral #fractals #fractalart #art

    Sacred geometry of shells. The Golden Mean is represented by the Greek letter phi 1.6180... It is one of those mysterious natural numbers - basic building blocks - that define the basic structure of our cosmos.

    Spirals in Nature Demonstrating the Fibonacci Number ('Golden Mean' or 'Golden Ratio) (Contextual Studies, 27/03/2015)

    I don't know what this is, but I love it too! ~Turkey tail mushroom fungus #colorfulworld

    Aloe polyphylla- SPIRAL ALOE: Horticopia's Etsy - I would totally want one of these if I weren't so ridiculously emotionally attached to my ugly Aloe plant that has survived everything (including me) for 10 years.