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DIY Tank Top

Transform a men's dress shirt with this DIY Tank Top sewing tutorial. With this wardrobe refashioning project you'll have a flowy summer top in no time! You'll love this easy and breezy tank top.

FREE Cat Bed Sewing Pattern

DIY Cat Bed Sewing Pattern with Personalized Fabric from @joannstores | See Kate Sew

Nine Free (and Awesome) Sewing Tutorials for Mom! - Page 9 of 9

Recycled tee skirt! Yay for comfy skirt pattern!!! Love this type of skirt!

Transformando camiseta em saia

Shirt/skirt Theyre perfect for summertime. Theyre perfect for when youre pregnant, theyre perfect for after you have the baby. Theyre perfect if you change size or shape or hate your clothes. Theyre just simply PERFECT. Comfortable, casual, and cheap.