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paper sculpture. Le jardin de Miss Clara - French baroque-style illustrations and fabulous paper sculptures and clothing (including the paper fairy tale dress pictured which can be custom made to fit.

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℘ Paper Dress Prettiness ℘ art dress made of paper

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℘ Paper Dress Prettiness ℘ art dress made of paper -

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template here....

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Paper Dress, robe en papier By MissClara, photo JE

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SUSAN CUTTS paper tutu ensemble.

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paper dress

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Marcella Ferreira

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Bebel by Marcella Ferreira, via Flickr

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Tagged Christmas


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Adriana's feather wig side by dollutional, via Flickr. It is from Immortal Classique.

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DSC_5310_sv by Happydolls, via Flickr

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paper dress

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'Morphos' - Jan Kerr

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Gowns Pagan Wicca Witch: #Gown, Firefly Path.

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Newspaper Dress with lovely texture detail // fashion meets art. This dress is poportioned perfectly to the pont where it looks like something cute to wear out. I enjoy how the person only used news paper to make it look so form fitting. It looks elegant and worth money instead of just recyecled news paper.

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Light as a feather: An 18th century dress made by artist Isabelle de Borchagrave is part of an exhibition in which all the gowns are made entirely from it!!

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Completely made from paper - awesome!

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℘ Paper Dress Prettiness ℘ art dress made of paper -

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fairy princess dress - love the flower detailing!