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antique thread spools, available @ wavesong on etsy, Now I know what to do with my 'old wooden spools'!

My Grandmother had one of these at a platform in the yard where she washed her clothes. My uncle demanded that she stop pumping water out there when she was 85. So she had him replace the pump with a spigot. She continued to wash her clothes out there with metal tubs and washboards until she died at 103. I loved that stubborn old lady.

from Etsy

Who's Got the Old Maid Vintage Card Game

Who's Got the Old Maid Vintage Card Game. $18.00, via Etsy. Mine had this very piacture on it. I hated get the old maid card.

Baby Doll Pajamas...wore ones just like this my mother made me!! Last pair I wore I took to college and all my roomates had to wear them...they were famous!!