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    We must stop Kony!

    Stop kony

    Joseph Kony 2012 Make Him Famous! "That is there problem not ours." This is a true fact. It is their problem and not ours. Why cant we make it our problem. Are we that selfish? The answer is yes we are.

    i worry about the younger generation

    It may be time to get rid of saying such as "Man Up". This image shows the difference in expectations between men and women which is commonly called gender socialization. It shows the physical definition behind strength as well as the emotional definition in not showing emotion #gender #genderinequality

    Already watched She's The Man coincidentally last night, check! haha i feel like this is good advice to get over anything!

    Joss Whedon. If you can, find a video of this whole talk that he did. It was for an event and it is wonderful. This man is one of my heroes

    There's the romantic "Need" (You complete me, My life is better with you, I couldn't imagine life without you) and the codependent "Need" (I need a man to be complete, I need to not be alone). The difference is one occurs after you've fallen in love and even though its sweet it isn't literal. the other is always there, and is often the reason people end up in bad relationships, and their own self worth depends on being with someone. I never "need" a man, but I have found the one my soul "needs"

    If you live off a man's compliments you'll die from his criticism. -Cornelius Lindsey -to tell my kiddos!!

    Gatsby quote.



    Wow perfect


    Morgan Freeman Vs Racism: EPIC WIN!


    Perks of being blind

    praying for my husband