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  • Brenda Ashlock

    So You Wanna Go Vegan in 2014. I have been seeing a lot of “Going Vegan for 2014!” activity on social media in the last few days. Even Beyonce and Jay-Z have hopped on the vegan wagon! I realize that many people are “going vegan” because it’s the latest fad or because they think it is like a cleanse, or will help them drop unwanted pounds. Veganism is of course, none of those things. Veganism is

  • Stone Hart

    Vegan Super Hero

  • Megan Russell

    AutonomieProject - Vegan Superhero Unisex Tee #200018

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Choosing a vibrant vegan lifestyle does more to help prevent global warming than virtually all other efforts a person could make combined.

Many of the largest and strongest animals on earth are vegan (Buffalo, Gorillas, Bison, Baboons, Hippos, Rhinos, Elephants, Cassowaries, Peccaries, Wild Boar, et cetera). Why don't you ask them where they get their protein?

Vegan Quote Cow Button by TheVeganHippieFreak on Etsy, $2.00

The Federal Dietary Advisory Council has issued a report that we need to switch to a plant-based diet. The Dept of Health & USDA will issue their own reports later this year

Veganism......species are not ranked. theyre all meant to live like we do. free and without execution.

Im not vegan...yet...but I keep getting drawn back to this simple and obvious truth...I am inspired by vegans I respect them