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Working on these area's for me, make me a better person! They help you to grow as a person!

Nothing is worth it if you aren't happy.

When God puts love and compassion in your heart toward someone, He's offering you an opportunity to make a difference in that person's life.

hoping that this is true. that love is real for me. I have seen it and heard of it and read about it, but can this truly happen to me?

Happiness is a CHOICE. You prescribe your own happiness. It's really ALL about the mindset. You are the only one in the way of your own happiness. Yes, there is a lot of negativity in the world but to be happy you have to learn to see past that and focus on everything positive in your life, and love yourself over anyone else.

I feel this way about my husband :) Took longer than I planned, but it was more than worth the wait.

"Wait for the person who pursues you, the one who will make an ordinary moment seem magical. The kind of person who brings out the best in you and makes you want to be a better person. "

Ladies..... Why can't we all remember this!?! So so important, don't settle. God knows when he wants you to meet the right guy. It could be 70 years from now but isn't that worth it!? It is to me :)

...are the ones worth waiting for. - Click image to find more Quotes Pinterest pins