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"How often do these animals live through the stunning process (when the panicked cow remains completely conscious while the shackler wraps a chain around one of the cow's hind legs and lifts them onto a moving overhead rail)? "Out of the 1,228 beef I stuck today it would have been okay if a few were still alive. But it's all day. Constantly, all day, I get live cattle. I know they're alive cause they're bellowing, mooing, blinking, looking around." - slaughterhouse worker

If cats tasted like chicken, we would all be eating cats. And we would have domestic house chickens instead. I dont know whose original idea it was to try chicken, but if God wanted us to have cats for dinner instead, I think He would have made them delicious... instead.

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So What Does the Inside of a Factory Farm Look Like Anyway?

At the slaughterhouse, chickens are hung up by their feet fully conscious. Although some slaughterhouses stun the birds by passing them through an electrified bath of water, US federal law specifically excludes chickens from the Humane Slaughter Act mandating that animals be stunned before being killed.

How many beef recalls, egg recalls, salmonella outbreaks, e-coli contaminations, under-cover exposes of unsanitary practices in meat packing plants will it take before we realize that factory farming is polluting the planet, destroying our health and contributing to unspeakable cruelty. Are we immune to suffering in ourselves and in others? Do we not care about our own health and the health of the planet?