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This Powerpoint identifies the 3 States of Matter (gases, liquids and solids) and visually explains basic characteristics for each state. It is meant for K-1 children who cannot yet read fluently or for ESL children who do not yet have the vocabulary to understand what they are reading.

Eric Carle talks about how he came to write "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". I treasure this video. Your kids will like it too.

What do you think about language education in the UK? ¿Qué opinas de la enseñanza de idiomas en el Reino Unido?

from Teachers Pay Teachers

States of Matter E-Book for Early Primary

This is a simple e-book explaining the characteristics of the 3 States of Matter in a question and answer format.

E is for Explore!: This experiment makes milk curdle (liquid to a solid). I don't think I can drink a Red Bull after this!

every teacher (and parent) should know/read this:)

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Exploring Magnets for Primary Grades SmartBoard Lesson

Exploring Magnets for Primary Grades SmartBoard Lesson (.notebook file) $

from Science 6 at FMS

Identifying Rocks

Rock Cycle [More important than you think! When picking rocks for hardscapes you want to use Metamorphic rock in most cases, especially with water (so it doesn't leach anything into the water) but it is also important to know what type of rockscape your c

We also did a sorting activity and a Matter book where the kids got to categorize objects by their state of matter

We started out talking about the definitions of the states of matter and coming up with examples of each. My students recorded our ideas in their science journals using a chart: