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  • Cassandra Peindl

    calendar journaling. If I could find the right kind of calendar, I might do this for my daily journal.

  • Carson Cabe

    Calendar journaling... 5 minute activity at the beginning or end of class... I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!

  • Anwen Holtshousen

    Calendar journaling - 5 minutes before bed. Cute idea!

  • Kirstin Lasto

    calendar journaling - a creative way to do The Happiness Project's one sentence journal idea

  • Amanda Mitchell

    Calendar journaling.... Smash book? Combines art journaling and calendar

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calendar with a pocket every month to keep everything important . Like!

Calendar Journal | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Born 2 b creative

April 2008: "I used the small rectangle Post-It Notes for the shape of the dates. When I was finished, I thought it looked like it was woven. I colored it with colored pencils to make it look even more woven."

That's a cool idea, it might actually encourage you to do some of the things on your need more list, or else you'd have to write them down every day. =)

daily doodle journal~reminders of what happened over the past month, year that need recorded

Yeah, I've always wanted a perfect journal, without the mistakes, but I guess that would take a perfect life.

daily doodle journal - maybe an interesting way to get students involved and paying attention. Doodle of a chapter? Doodle of a sentence using a specific phrase type? Doodle of something you learned?

Smashbook - Even if it got filled out once a month, what a journal it would be!

list making day. Remember to put this in my december daily this year.

My point of sharing these is to encourage you to jump in and play. Maybe try something uncomfortable. You may not get where you want to, or love the result, but you’ll never come close if you don’t start to play. Just start. Doodle, sketch, color, cut & glue. Playing is the best way to find some new place to go.

I'm terrified and extremely anxious. I really Have to begin focusing on now...NOW!