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Ruger Mini-30 7.62x39mm (Magazine is banned in NY, though)

Ruger Police Carbine, simple. I think it needs some tactical furniture though.

Ruger® Mini-14® Tactical Rifle Autoloading Rifle Models

A Mini-30 with a few accessories would make a great all-around centerfire rifle in a survival or SHTF situation, if a centerfire rifle was needed. The 7.62x39 round is inexpensive, plentiful, and ballistically similar to the .30-30.

Ruger Mini-14 tactical (.223 cal Remington cartridge)

Ruger Mini 14 Tactical

I'll take this one too!! Joe Faircloth Ruger® Mini Thirty® Rifle Autoloading

Now make this ^ out of polymer Level 3 armor plate and we'll be getting somewhere.

Make a Mini Saw For a lightweight, compact saw, attach half of a hacksaw blade (a blade from a reciprocating saw also works) to a 6-inch strip of wood using a bolt and wing nut. I use a small lock washer under the nut—tightening it will hold the blade in place. I’ve used this for clearing light brush around a blind, and it’s nice to have in case of an emergency. It won’t crowd your pack, either.

LaRue Tactical PredatAR. Res prease. I'll take an OBR too while you're at it. You can keep the TAD Litespeed under the rifle though.