perfect little reading nook!


Is it paranoid that I want this in my future house?

This is Awesome!

This is awesome

Book nook

11 reasons why you need an attic bedroom on - Small space living can have its perks. Case in point? This cozy nook, that's certainly shy on square footage, yet brimming with comfort and plenty of natural light.


Create #comfy little areas in your #home without putting up walls! #Curtaindividers are easy to install and can go with any #style of #decor. #bedroom #roomdivider #vintage #curtains #drapes. Love this!!

window seat

BIG House

custom built in day bed

Bed in a closet! So the whole room is open! And it looks so cozy. Cute!

I want to put a room like this in my attic when I buy a house.


love this - it reminds me of the bed my dad made me when I was little except mine was a bookshelf instead of drawers and had an opening at one end where I could go under the bed to play.

DIY canopy bed...absolutely

RE.THINK - dresser as a foot board

Bed in a Hammock

In my master bedroom.