Worked well! Many of the 7-8 year old girls in our Girl Scout troop scrubbed the eraser ends on the stamp pads rather than stamping gently, which shredded the inking surface. So either closely supervise the ctivity and insist kids "tap or press ONLY" or use cheap stamp pads that you don't mind ruining.

Use flower heads of different shapes as stamps to make cool watercolour style abstract flower print shapes on cards, paper, or fabric.

Duct Tape + ziplock bag = diy Pencil case

Op art hand

Making rubber stamps. This blog has lots of wonderful tutes

Creative storage


Shrinky Dink - Mother's Day gofts, holiday ornaments, end of the year gifts , etc.

Circle Weaving, Grade 3- inspired by the Navajo

This is such a clever way to do silhouettes! Would be such a fun class project to do, then display on the wall and have parents try to guess which one is their child!

DIY: 10 minute pencil roll

This is a pretty cool idea for decorations!

Fun fingerprint art

Messy, fun and easy!

SUPER idea for string art...pull the "guts" out of a mechanical pencil, chip a little hole in the side to feed the string through...makes going around the nails so much easier!

Sugar Bee Crafts Only thing is that plastic smells when it melts - so air your house well during the process!

pencil stubs + washers = spinning tops that draw.... Love this!

Rolling pin stamping

Mother's Day Card -head of Treviso radicchio yields a roselike print.

wine cork stamps

Print flowers with paper towel tubes. Perfect Earth Day project or for a Mother's Day card!