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Another oil-and-water pair, Sonny and Kate went all the way back to Brooklyn, when Kate was known as Connie. When they met again in Port Charles, Kate was a sophisticated and successful fashion designer with no interest in revisiting her old life. But she couldn't resist Sonny for long, and they even made it down the aisle ... until she got shot.

Carly and Sonny's relationship grew well beyond a one-night stand. She got pregnant, only to miscarry, and she and Sonny grew closer in the aftermath. Carly married Sonny (to avoid having to testify against him), and later, Sonny used unsavory means to get A.J. to relinquish all parental rights, and he legally adopted Michael. #GH.

General Hospital (daytime TV). I am a fan of faux reality when it comes to my daytime soap opera since 1986 with Luke and Laura then Robert and Holly then Frisco and Felica. My first soap opera