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Stop Worrying stop worrying meant to be quote quotes life quote life quotes

You are responsible for how you feel no matter what someone does to you. Remember, you are always in control of your thoughts, so choose to feel confident and adequate rather than angry and insecure.

Worry is self-reliance. We need to remind ourselves that nothing that happens to us is random. God brings every single detail into our experience so that our choices may accumulate into a personality that thinks of other people's concerns as much, or more, than self. (Leon James)

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So much magic to be had!


Ain't That The Truth?!



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Often in life...


Reminder......this is so true.

Life is....

You are allowed to terminate toxic relationships. You are allowed to walk away from people who hurt you. You are allowed to be angry and selfish and unforgiving. You don't owe anyone an explanation for taking care of yourself.