Skateboard swing.

How to make a Skateboard Swing

DIY outdoor pallet swing

This skateboard swing makes me wish we had a big tree in our backyard! Swings & Swinging Things from CedarWorks

How to build an outdoor race car track for kid's Hot Wheels. Awesome!

You’ve Probably Never Seen A Stroller Like This

So much cooler than a tire swing and it wont collect water!

6 Outdoor Play Areas for Kids.

Maybe for lily

Water marbles! Crazy how a few kitchen ingredients will make these. Weird, I can't wait to try.

Zipline Kit - Wheeee!

Saddle Swing

DIY Swing ---- Look for round disk in Lowes, rope, drill & bit

Swing your hose over a tall branch and attach a water bottle with holes on the bottom, fun way for kids to cool off in the summer sun!

tire see saw

I've always wanted a tire swing. This one is amazing.

DIY Backyard Sprinkler Park (and many other outdoor water ideas for kids) | Event Horizon

Magic Flute from straws. This could be a great project! Easy enough for younger scouts, simple inexpensive materials and the finished project makes a racket. :-)

Puzzle cutting boards.... Love this.... would be great too for little house parties

Cool DIY pallet swing #pallets #diy