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    "It’s very dear to me, the issue of gay marriage. Or as I like to call it: 'Marriage.' You know, because I had lunch this afternoon, not gay lunch. I parked my car; I didn’t gay park it." -Liz Feldman

    • Nick M

      No such thing as 'Gay' Marriage! And Christians should focus on feeding starving children before controlling the lives of consenting adults.

    • Rosas Rosas

      #Quote: It´s very dear to me, the issue of gay marriage. Or, as I like to call it: Marriage. You know, because I had lunch this afternoon, not gay lunch, I parked my car; I didn´t gay park it.

    • Jennifer Tacconi

      thank you. gay marriage is no different than hetero marriage (aside from the sexes marrying). still two people in love, wanting the same opportunity to be together and live happily ever after. enough of the ignorance and judgement.

    • Claire

      I'm not gay-have plenty of friends that are. It doesn't bother me or effect me...what people do behind closed doors doesn't cross my mind. Funny how big of a deal people make it and gay marriage is not legal on a lot of states. Much more important things to worry about! I'm just sayin..!

    • Greg Fishel

      George Takei gay marriage | Gay Marriage Quote: I Didn't Gay Park It! It's Not Gay Lunch!

    • Beckie Bowlin

      Gay marriage is just MARRIAGE! Omg this makes me giggle because it is so true..

    • Kristin Taylor

      Why Marriage Is Marriage And Gay Marriage Is Marriage just speaking' the truth

    • Janet Eckenroad-Kerry

      liz feldman gay marriage Ten Great Thoughts On Gay Marriage

    • Christiaan Rapcewicz

      #GayMarriage is just Marriage.

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