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Here's a set of booklets that provide practice with numbers 0-10. Each page includes numeral formation, numeral writing practice, and a picture to represent each number. The second set also includes a ten frame.

Here's a post where one teacher describes creating a concrete number display instead of a more "traditional" number line, which is very abstract.

Here's a set of playdough mats for representing numbers.

Here's a simple idea for creating cards to identify representations of numbers.

Here's a set of materials for matching number representations in various forms.

Here's a set of 20 different roll and cover games for working on number recognition.

Here's a simple game for matching numbers and numerals.

Here's a monster themed roll and cover number recognition game.

Here's an activity for matching numerals to numbers in various representational forms.

Here's a bug themed book for practicing number word and numeral writing.

Here' a fun BINGO game for practicing numbers and letters. Blank BINGO templates included.

Here's a packet of 60+ number dot pages that includes number dot with tracing number and word, tally marks, and hands 0-20.

Here's a set of number dominoes containing numerals and number words. Includes 3 sets: 1-10, 1-20, and 21-99.

Here are 5 different sets of fall-themed clothespin cards for matching numerals to number words.

Here's a set of pages for writing and representing numbers from 1-10.

Here's a SMARTBoard activity for K-2 where students practice number recognition, counting and writing the numbers 0 through 6.

Here's a great anchor chart for showing different ways to make a number.

Terrific form for helping students learn different ways to represent a number.

Here's a nice chart for thinking about different ways to represent a number. Draw-Write-Symbolize recording sheet for students included.

Here's a game that focuses on representations of numbers 0-20. Includes numerals, number words, and ten frames.

Here's a game for practicing number recognition to 20.

Here's a bubble gum themed counting book. Students draw the gumballs in the machine, put gumballs in the ten frame, and trace and write the numerals and words.

Here a page to help students practice different ways to show a number.

Here a matching page to help students practice different ways to show a number.

Here's a simple game called Beat You to 10 that focuses on recognition of numbers 1 to 10 as well as one-to-one correspondence.