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I love this even though I'm the biggest nerd and I don't actually need it.

Borg Tactical Cube, Star Trek Poster by Thomas Gately

1967 ... Enterprise shindig! You gotta love that color palette.

Random famous people you never knew were in Star Trek

Cool, but since this is an original series (ST:TOS) poster, it should read "where no man has gone before". It didn't change to "where no one has gone before" until ST:TNG. Yes, I AM a geek!

Star Trek: Into Darkness. A MUCH better poster than the regular one.

STAR TREK fandom tshirts by BrittFaceNess on Etsy, $14.95

The human concept of friend is most nearly duplicated in Vulcan thought by the term 't'hy'la', which can also mean 'brother' and 'lover'. Admiral Kirk supplied the following comments on this subject: "I was never aware of this 'lovers' rumor, although I have been told that Spock encountered it... I would not like to be thought of as being so foolish that I would select a love partner who came into sexual heat only once every seven years." -- Gene Roddenberry

Star Trek cosplay... I posted this because I like Star Trek. Yep. That's why I posted it. Yessir....