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Polaroid walls. This could be part of a really cool teen's room. Each time they have a birthday party, give them a couple of Polaroid cameras & 10 packs of film.

love this. i wish i had handwriting like that. "Secrets" is panties/bras/ OR trinkets maybe? "Twirl" sounds like skirts or dresses. "Yay Pants" is self-explanatory :) "Lazy" might be PJs or bumming-around stuff.

Oh my goodness so cute. I love the branches as bed posts. bedroom, fairy lights, lights, teal, turquoise

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Working on this now...I hope my valentine will enjoy it. He is nostalgic...but I've been leading him to believe he's getting a "cook-pot" for our camping trip. (HAHAHA.) So fun to go through old pictures and scan them in for this!! I still love my valentine.

Thinking about using lights like this instead of a lamp to save some room!

Claire Dalgliesh (Fellow Fellow) Grimm, ok, so your ceiling fan is in the way of the curtain rod idea, but what about this at the head of the bed, dead center, and then going to either side? like a princess!!!!

Desk organisation. Also like the idea of the fairy lights above the desk and work space - and sticking work on the walls for revision purposes.

make collages on the wall with a combination of really small pictures and really big ones, as seen here!

Nice, I want to put a curtain on the ceiling. Also I like the light option, not too bright. Perfect for sleeping if I don't feel like turning the light off.