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Margaret Devaney, age 19, from Ireland, was below decks in 3rd Class (Steerage) peeling potatoes when she decided that she needed some fresh air. With coat in hand she headed up the many flights of stairs to the Main Deck. As she was nearing the top of the final flight she felt a tiny bump, the collision with the iceberg. On the lifeboat with about 50 other terrified souls, she survived.

Hudson and Bess Allison. Bess was one of four first class ladies to die in the Titanic wreck. She refused to get in a lifeboat without her son, who had already been taken aboard one with his nanny, unbeknownst to Bess.

Alice Bennett(left) & her cousin, Margaret(right), had planned to travel on Titanic together, but only Margaret could afford to. Alice's father refused her his money so Margaret went alone. She died on Titanic.

The Grand Staircase of the Titanic. Photo taken by Father Frank Brown prior to leaving the ship at her last port of call before leaving Cobh, County Cork, Ireland.


Must-see Historical Photos That Make You Stop And Think…

September 3rd, 1967, Stockholm, Sweden: The day Sweden changed from driving on the left to driving on the right

Robert McGee. 1890. Scalped by the Sioux as a child and survived.

Madeline Astor Aged 19 was the maiden of the richest man on board.

Titanic: Staircase for the 2nd class Second class passenger accommodation was to be found over seven decks. Exits were either by the second class grand stairway or an electric elevator which ran up and down all seven decks.

The #Titanic Memorial Lighthouse is a memorial to those who died when the steamship Titanic sank after collision with an iceberg on April 15, 1912

An amazing man...General Joshua Chamberlain, hero of Little Round Top at Gettysburg, winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor, professor of rhetoric, Governor of Maine, and President of Bowdoin College. Also the character upon whom Jeff Daniel's character in Gettysburg was based.