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-George Jung [Johnny Depp]. Quote from one of my favorite movies, Blow (2001).

Only thing is thought the saying was 'six way to Sunday."

Bump that haldol - bust out the Thorazine and snow 'em!

Hahahahahhahahah I didn't get it at first cause I didn't look at the card hahahahaha dying

true--probably a woman thing...because my husband would not only move, but push the animal off completely!

so tiny and cute

Beagle puppy. Someday I will have one...

Johnny Depp Phobia?

New favorite phrase


4 things you can never have too much of: Chocolate, Wine, Good Friends and Pretty Shoes.

Keep Calm... Oh Vivien, you do it so well.

Strawberry Shortcake | The 10 Absolute Best Girl Toy Lines Of The '80s

six hunnit and fiddy dollars

Selective OCD...this is SO true!

Bill Cosby. I'm going to be thinking this when I get my next tattoo.

Umm of course!

This is me!!


this is the best hahaha

im in love with this

I'm pretty sure lol


Everyday !

Baby turtles