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  • gemini

    Writing letters by hand. Some of my most treasured possessions are hand written letters. To have something tangible to hold in your hand and read over and over again is priceless.

  • Yvonne Wirges

    Writing letters by hand and the thrill of finding a letter addressed to you in the mailbox. Except letters were written with fountain pens. Ballpoint pens were not commonly used until the 60's.

  • Diana  Lynn .~ƹ̵̡ӝ̵̨̄ʒ~.

    Writing/Receiving 'handwritten letters'

  • Lori Padgett

    Writing Letters by Hand and Finding a Letter in Your Mailbox ~ Childhood Memories

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This is what i think I look like when I'm writing letters.

vintage mailbox. On every streetcorner. I remember we walked down the end of the street and mailed letters.

It's fun to write letters. » Do you still handwrite letters?

hand written letters. some things are still classier than a text.

"De afwas met de hand." My Oma had such a sink and high faucets with little rubber hoses to direct the flow. But, my Oma had only cold water. The hot water was what she heated on the two burner gas cooker.

Bubble bath in decorative plastic bottles. I had a pink kitty cat that I loved long after it was empty.

Cash Register - I used one of these for a part-time job in the 70's. It had a hand crank in case the power went out ... ;)

I can still see my mums writing on the stickers, ET, Tenko, Dallas, Eastenders, #1980s #videos

Getting a handwritten letter from a friend or relative. I still get them from my grandmother.

Sisters 1900 - the seated girl is either deceased or near death with illness. The standing sister is holding her hand up, not holding hands with her.

I remember doing this against walls, fences.... anywhere.