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I just did this for the first time and man am I going to be sore in the morning. It says it's a leg workout, but it definitely works your arms and core as well. I can't do burpees because of my ankle and knee injuries so I did a one minute wall sit. Here's to hoping that in six months I have my sexy legs back.

Here’s an intense cardio workout you can do at home! When you reach the end, see how many burpees you can do. (And if you’d like, keep track of how many you can do each time. Watch as the number goes up. :) )

Nutrition nut on the run: KB Burpee {Arm} Burner

Looking for a workout routine to challenge you and help you get a ripped & fit physique? Find one that will work for you here!

LOL!!! Dexter work out game. This is creative! Haha! You would have to do this during reruns though, new episodes are too important!

I'm so going to do this! Can't wait to see the looks on the drivers' faces going by LOL

What to eat before and after your workout. I would recommend coconut or almond milk in place of the low-fat milk for the smoothie. Also, add in a handful of spinach or other green to make the smoothie even more powerful!

7 minutes HIIT workout, do every exercise 30 seconds with 2 to 3 session and interval rest for 10 seconds

Really need to remind myself of this since it is finally getting warmer.

I watch too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you’re like me, you might as well get a workout during your leisure time. (If you’re not, I suggest you start watching it. The first few seasons are cheesy, but the show overall is wonderful.)

Ballet Abs Ill admit, i am a girl with some very strong abs and theres not to many ab workouts that leave me tired but i Have done these personally and they most definitely do the trick!