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The Noriker represents both the oldest of the old Austrian horse breeds and the only race in the field of modern Austria has its origin. Named after the former Roman province of Noricum, these horses were already known in the empire of Charlemagne. These powerful, medium-sized horses were used not only in agriculture, forestry and Saumhandel over the main Alpine ridge, but also as a representation of the Salzburg Erbischöfe horses. The high breed accordingly lies in the Salzburg area…

Finnhorse. The national horse breed of Finland; the only breed fully developed there. It has both riding and draft horse characteristics. It is sometimes called the Finnish Universal as it is considered capable of fulfilling all of the country's horse needs, from agricultural work to harness racing and pleasure riding. photo: kaarne2

Love a draft horse. You never think about a horse this large doing dressage, but they are beautiful!

The Belgian Draft Horse is not only one of the strongest draft breeds, but this breed has also held the world record for the tallest and the largest horses in the world.

ARDENNAIS Thought to descend from the prehistoric Solutré horse, the Ardennais is one of the most ancient horse breeds in Europe. The use of this breed dates back to Ancient Rome. First bred for the purposes of war, then agriculture, the Ardennais was considered one of the best breeds of draft horse. At the end of the XIXth century, the breed’s legendary characteristics as coach and draft horse slowly gave way to that of heavy draft horse. The Ardennais’ coat color is usually roan

Georgian Grande Horse is a new horse breed being developed from crossbreeding the American Saddlebred on the Friesian horse and assorted draft horse breeds.

Vyatka horse. An old breed of small draft horse from Russia with Estonian horse ancestry. Though versatile and even-tempered, the modern decline of draft breeds hit it hard. It is on the UN agricultural division's endangered list.

Brabant Trekpaard, or Belgian Heavy Horse stallion, Gamin van de Lindehoef. Beloved in Belgium, the breed has probably been the most influential draft horse in developing other familiar draft breeds. photo: Ton van der Weede.

Any breed horse can be registered as a palomino as long as it is the right (golden) color. Palomino can't be recognized as a breed because the color is an incomplete dominate gene.

This is my absolute favorite horse breed. Andalusian horse...this picture took my breath away. acpk