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    His greatness KID FURY! He is a welcomed HOT mess and I say that with luv. He will have you on the floor!

    I love The Read. Kid Fury is HEEELArious

    The Friends memes or image captures or whatever you wanna call them never fail to crack me up

    This kid.... read the second paragraph, and then check out his grade.

    now the question is which of my friends will I try this on first? absolutely genius.

    Amanda Kraus this is what your kids are going to be like!!!

    This is EXACTLY how my mad works. (Megan House: Remember?: I will be mad at you for exactly ten minutes. And then I will get over it.)

    Such a sweety... Made me cry! I hope he or she is well now, or if not with our Lord and Father God!

    Dude this isn't even funny. Last year on Halloween this one couple did the exact same thing and my friends and I sang bohemian rhapsody and we all got king sized candy bars and they said they no one has sang for them in at least five years