George Washington Gordon (1836-1911) Tennessee Brigadier General (CSA) Graduated from VMI. Rose to command the 11th Tennessee Infantry. Captured at Franklin, appointed brigadier general while captured. Appointed or elected to positions in local, state, and national government, he was the last Confederate general to sit in Congress.

The Story of the Longest and Largest Forced Migration of Native Americans in American History The Indian Removal Act of 1830 was the culmination of the United States policy to force native populations

Daniel Ruggles (January 31, 1810 – June 1, 1897) was a brigadier general in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. He commanded a division at the Battle of Shiloh. A member of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Lodge No.4.

Preston Smith (December 25, 1823 – September 19, 1863) was a lawyer and soldier from the state of Tennessee who served as a general in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. He was killed in action during a night attack during the Battle of Chickamauga in northern Georgia. Preston Smith was born in Giles County, Tennessee.

George Wythe Randolph (March 10, 1818 – April 3, 1867) was a lawyer, planter, and Confederate general. He served for eight months in 1862 as the Confederate States Secretary of War during the American Civil War, when he reformed procurement, wrote the conscription law, and strengthened western defenses. He was President Thomas Jefferson's youngest grandson by his daughter Martha Jefferson Randolph.

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